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The Huckleberry Land Exchange

  history of the land: 900,000 acres of checkerboard land purchased from the railroad for $6 per acre

in the vicinity of the Mt Rainier National Fiasco

the Green River watershed fragmented and overcut (photo below)

a land exchange devised by Weyerhaeuser, U.S. Forest Service, and Sierra Club
in order to consolidate some checkerboards while giving Weyerhaeuser more timber to cut

the Indians, the grassroots, and the local folks left out:
the Muckleshoot Indians, Pilchuck Audubon, and Huckleberry Mountain Protection Society file a lawsuit

the legal precedent and its implications for land exchanges

the founding of the Western Land Exchange Project


Weyerhaeuser checkerboard clearcuts in Green River watershed, Cascade Mountains, Washington State.
Weyerhaeuser acquired this public land in 1900 from the Northern Pacific Railroad land grant,
clearcut it, and then traded it back to the public in the Huckleberry Land Exchange in 1998.
Source of photo: Martin Rand / Project Lighthawk.


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