Railroads & Clearcuts


Railroads and Clearcuts: The Book

by Derrick Jensen, George Draffan, and John Osborn

Published in 1995 by the The Lands Council, Spokane WA, and Keokee Co., this 200-page, fully-illustrated book describes the history and impacts of the forty million acres of public lands granted to the Northern Pacific Railroad. More than a century later, natural resources empires are controlled by Weyerhaeuser, Plum Creek Timber, and other timber, coal mining, and oil and gas corporations.

Available for $17 which includes postage. Make checks payable to:
Public Information Network, PO Box 95316, Seattle WA 98145-2316 USA

Taking Back Our Land: A History by George Draffan

Theft of the Public Domain by Gift of the US Supreme Court (Platt v. Union Pacific RR) by Don Dibble

Railroads & Clearcuts News

Periodic newsletter with background information, analysis, and news about the fate of the land grants.

Available by donation to Public Information Network, PO Box 95316, Seattle WA 98145-2316 USA

# 1. An Introduction to the Railroad Land Grants
# 2. Land Exchanges Threaten Public Lands http://www.westlx.org/archives/rrccnewsfin.html
# 3. Raw Logs and Chips: Exporting Forests and Jobs http://www.landgrant.org/news-3.html
# 4. Plum Creek Timber: An Empire Carved from the Public Domain
# 5. Railroad Land Grants and the Rise of Corporate Power

Railroads & Clearcuts Transitions Series

Hundreds of historical and current news articles, photos, cartoons, and maps. An invaluable collection!

Available from The Lands Council, 517 S Division, Spokane WA 99202-1365 USA http://www.landscouncil.org/

Part 1. Train Wrecks, Abandoned Communities, & Clearcuts
Part 2. President Calvin Coolidge Battles the Northern Pacific
Part 3. Liquidating Abe Lincoln's Railroad Forests
Part 4. Exporting Lincoln Logs to Japan
Part 5. Political Leadership?
Part 6. Robber Barons' Poltitical Stranglehold
Part 7. "Of Grants and Greed"
Part 8. Forest disaster
Part 9. Land Swap Swindles - "Looters of the Public Domain" http://www.landscouncil.org/transitions/sept98.htm
Part 10. Taking Back Our Land: A History by George Draffan

Bart Naylor's Change Corporate America For 33 Cents: A Self-Help Guide to Shareholder Activism
in the April 2000 issue of Transitions

Bibliographies and Corporate Profiles

George Draffan has compiled corporate profiles of land grant-based corporations, and bibliographies containing several thousand citations to the literature on railroads land grants and related topics.

Available via this website (if links are provided); paper copies are also available.

Public Information Network, PO Box 95316, Seattle WA 98145-2316 USA.

Bibliography on Railroad Land Grants

Profile of Weyerhaeuser

Profile of Plum Creek Timber

Profile of Boise Cascade

Profile of Potlatch

Profile of Sierra Pacific Industries


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