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Anaconda Mining

Auburn Washington Railroaded


Commons or Commodity? The Dilemma of Federal Land Exchanges

Coeur d'Alene Mining

Corporate Heirs to the Railroad Land Grants

Corporations - Land Grant Corporations in the News

Forfeiture of Land Grants

Gallatin Land Exchanges

Gallatin Battle Ridge

History of the Railroad Land Grants

How to Get Involved in the Railroads & Clearcuts Campaign

Land Exchanges: The Second Land Grants


Commons or Commodity? The Dilemma of Federal Land Exchanges

Gallatin Land Exchanges

Gallatin Battle Ridge

Huckleberry Land Exchange

I-90 Land Exchange and Q&A

Umpqua Land Exchange (Endgame website)

Loscha Land Exchange

Log Exports from the Railroad Land Grants: Introduction to the Issue and Data on Export Volumes

The Lolo



Introduction to the Map Project

How to Use the Maps

U.S. Railroad Land Grants

California railroad land grants

California timber holdings today

Historic land grant railroad maps




Nevada Land & Resource Company

Northern Pacific Railroad

Northern Pacific Railroad in the Northwest


Plum Creek

The Northwest

Southern Pacific Railroad

Southern Pacific Railroad Land Grant

U.S. Railroad Land Grants


Weyerhaeuser Oregon

Weyerhaeuser Washington

Mount Rainier National Park & the Land Grants

Mountainstar Resort (Cle Elum, Washington)

2001 Settlement and 2004 revision

Map of resort and photo of Roslyn Ridge

Map of potential Conservation Trust boundaries

News - Land Grant Corporations in the News


Rathdrum Fuel Depot

Real Estate Liquidation by the Land Grant Corporations (Platt v. Union Pacific RR)

Shareholder Activism

Shasta Lake Fuel Spill

Theft of the Public Domain by Gift of the US Supreme Court

Timberland Holdings in the Land Grants

Weyerhaeuser profiles at the Endgame website

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